Fine Arts: Music, Drama, Dance, Crafts etc.

  • ITM Global School Gwalior will see top-notch artists musicians, dancers, ambassadors, industrialists etc to mingle an interact  with students & inspire.

      Fine Arts give students countless opportunities to discover and define themselves: through rehearsing for a play, choreographing a dance, preparing stage sets, creating a painting, sculpture or even a video of a memorable event. Our Arts Centre provides opportunities for these skills and integrates them into mainstream learning.

      The Arts with their propensity to develop creativity envisages linkages with disciplines like History, Geography, Languages, Sciences and help enhancing our understanding of them.

      Music is compulsory in the first seven years of the pupil’s life, after which, it is offered as an optional subject. The school will be having its own orchestra and its own junior and senior choir. All the children take part in group singing which includes regional songs, inter-faith prayers and chanting of Spritual  hymns. Both Indian and Western classical music lessons are offered as part of the co-curriculum.

      Indian and Western classical music is played in the foyer every morning to encourage students to develop an ear for music. The morning assembly begins with prayers followed by an invocation song. Our music teachers make it a point to teach songs from different part of India and also some international favourites, which are sung during festivals and anniversaries. A special room has been created for Western Music and children play a variety of stringed and percussion instruments.

      Each time a poet, artist, dancer and a musician will come in ITM University for their performances, he/she will make a point to visit ITM Global School to conduct a special workshop for the best exposure of fine sensibilities.