Cambridge Programme

  • The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum provides International Benchmarking and standards par excellence in content, delivery, assessments and professional development of the faculty. This curriculum complements other boards with the added advantage of providing flexibility to suit individual learner’s needs. It is culturally sensitive, identifies learner’s strengths and limitations, supports learning and development and can be tailor made to suit individual’s needs. The reporting is not simple “marks” but a clear diagnostic feedback along with statement of student’s achievement. The comprehensive report allows for comparative study of one’s performance related to curriculum, school standards and overall examinations. The resources for the students, teachers and school have been prepared after years of research and rigour. The books and resource materials are of excellent quality and invites students to “think through” when coming up with solutions. Further there is vast scope for inviting students to contribute with their own creative solutions in “open ended questions” with no right or wrong answer. There are so many day to day activities listed which provides for clear understanding of concepts through exploration, experimentation and research. Cambridge International Examinations Board is well renowned for in-depth research in Education and has been recognized internationally for its quality programmes and qualifications.  It is, therefore, a matter of pride for us to take this bold step to introduce these quality programmes for our students and be the first school in Gwalior to offer International Curriculum. With the school focus on academics, we expect that all our students will benefit greatly from these well rounded programmes.

    The school is presently offering the Primary Years Programme for grades 1 to 5 and the Secondary 1 Curriculum in the grades 6 to 8. With the introduction of grade 9 in 2016, the school will be offering the Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) – a two years programme culminating in grade 10. Along with this curriculum, the school intends to offer the CBSE-i curriculum and students would thus have a choice as they move into grade 9. CBSE-i has been tailor made to suit the needs of the International student and also provide the necessary qualifications for the students in India to study a broad based curriculum. These two programmes would complement each other well as the school prepares its students for the more demanding and selective courses in grades 11 and 12.

    The curriculum is well supported with additional resources – smart boards, LED Projectors in each classroom, ergonomically designed infra-structure and experiment kits. With emphasis on student development, the class size has been limited to 25 and teachers undergo extensive professional development programmes to enhance their overall skills which in turn would benefit the students. Along with the core subjects, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are also integrated within the school day. Thematic and experiential learning is at the core of the curriculum and the classes are meaningful and interactive. Opportunities are provided for student expression and presentations thus enabling them to develop confidence and necessary life skills. The school environment is encouraging, open and conducive for student learning. Emphasis is on strong academics, well rounded games and sports programme and with a balanced mix of other co-curricular activities for personality development. While celebrating Indian culture and traditions, students are also exposed to important World events, special days and global issues. With faster global travel, advancement in science and technology and increase in world trade, the 21st century is bringing in a revolution in all spheres of human existence. To prepare the students for the world of tomorrow, ITM Global School is moving ahead with innovations in its curriculum, teaching and learning. With these pioneering efforts, the school is confident of preparingthe students for the years ahead. ITMGS is thus living its slogan of “Truly Global, Truly Indian”.