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Principal’s Annual Report presented at the Annual Day “Excelsior” on 1st March 2015

Chief Guest, SP (Economics Offence Wing) MsAnshumanAgrawal, Guest of Honour, MsSweyta Mishra, Academic Advisor to the school, Members of the Advisory Board, Honorable Chancellor Rama Shankar Singh ji, Distinguished Guests,Dignitaries, Parents, school faculty members and students, I present to you a brief report of ITM Global School which I have titled

“ Journey so far ”

I became a part of this journey when I took over as the Principal on 31st January 2015. Much has been achieved over the last 11 months from the time when the school opened its doors for the first batch of students on 21st April 2014.


Honorable Chancellor sir Rama Shankar Singh ji had this in mind right from year 2000 to give to Gwalior a quality and unique school, a leader in itself in the educational field. Mrs. Kanupriya Singh, the Chairperson, ITM Group and Mrs. Ruchi Chauhan, the Vice President shared this dream passionately and as a first step the foundation stone of the school building was laid in the year 2008. However, the vision took concrete shape when the school was officially inaugurated on 7th March 2014. Lot of thought has been put into designing the school for the future – be it the unique and aesthetic architecture, beautiful landscaping, International curriculum, Quality teaching and learning programmes, ergonomically designed classrooms and furniture and the overall vision, mission and philosophy. This required foresightedness and thus the journey began with the school deliberately taking the path which was “less trodden” with the aim to bring in innovations to make the school life an enjoyable, satisfying and complete learning experience for the students.


The school made a conscious decision to implement the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE) curriculum in the school as it provides for International Benchmarking and standards par excellence in content, delivery, assessments and professional development of the faculty. This curriculum complements other boards, CBSE with the added advantage of providing flexibility to suit individual learner’s needs. It is culturally sensitive, identifies learner’s strengths and limitations, supports learning and development and can be tailor made to suit individual’s needs. The reporting is not simple “marks” but a clear diagnostic feedback along with statement of student’s achievement. The comprehensive report allows for comparative study of one’s performance related to curriculum, school standards and overall examinations. The resources for the students, teachers and school have been prepared after years of research and rigour. Cambridge Assessment International Examinations Board is well renowned for in-depth research in Education and has been recognized internationally for its quality programmes and qualifications.  It is, therefore, a matter of pride for us to take this bold step to introduce these quality programmes for our students and be the first school in Gwalior to offer International Curriculum.With the school focus on academics, we expect that all our students will benefit greatly from these well rounded programmes.


It is wonderful to see the kind of educational activities and programmes which were organized in the last 11 months. I have categorized them under different headings.

Service to the society: the activities included NukkadNataks to create awareness toward social issues, donations to the underprivileged to develop a caring nature, thank you letters to people who serve the society – to inculcate the sense of gratitude, care for the environment, sharing in the grief of families affected by inhuman acts and other benevolent activities.

Celebration of Festivals: The school celebrated all festivals and shared the meaning behind these at assembly time. These activities allowed students to understand how India is diverse in its culture, religions and traditions and yet maintains “Unity within this diversity”.

Intra-School actitivies: Lots of such activities were organized which provided students to display their talents. These include sports, games, social activities, artistic skills, spoken skills, drama, elocution, recitation and other such events. This provides opportunities for them to develop their overall skills and gain much confidence in their speech and action.

National Days and other important days: These were observed with piety and pride with the entire school community participating in the Flag hoisting ceremonies. Students learn more about the significance of these days through poster or banner making acitivites, singing of patriotic songs and assembly presentations.

Fun activities: These add lot of “zest and pep” to the routine school programs. “Water Melon” Day, “Mango Day”, “Cooking without Fire” , and other such activities were enjoyed by the children.

Visits by renowned personalities: The school has been fortunate to have many prominent people visiting the campus and being a source of encouragement to the students.  These included Artists of repute, Bollywod stars, Famous writers and poets, Committed Social workers and reformers, Great Sportsmen and Women to name a few. Students are inspired by such visits and love to listen to them.

In all the school conducted 80 wonderful events which complemented the learning which goes on in the classroom and made the school “lively, enterprising and engaging”. In my interactions with parents, I have often heard them say, “Sir, we find a great change in our children since they joined ITM Global School”. In its very first year of journey ITM Global School has truly moved way ahead and the pace continues.


The school infrastructure is constantly being upgraded. The school sports ground was inaugurated in January and now has been further developed with the Basket Ball, volleyball and handball courts available to students and the swimming pool is nearing completion to be operational before the start of the next session. Classrooms are in place for the grades 6 to 8 which are being introduced in the session starting in April 2015. The school will be offering Secondary 1 curriculum of the Cambridge in these classes in continuation with the Primary Years curriculum which is currently being offered in grades 1 to 5. The content in the Nursery and Kg has been developed with key principles adopted from the Pre Foundation course of the Cambridge and PYP programme of the International Baccalaureate. The Coordinated Science Laboratory is being developed and up-gradation of our present resources is being done all round be it the Library, the IT Laboratory, the Math Laboratory, Music Studio, Dance Hall and other such facilities. Academics will continually be emphasized, more so in grades 6 to 8 where there in much academic content. We will continue to have small classes with numbers limited to 20 in a class for individualized attention and care of students. Differentiated learning can be more effective in such classes and students are able to develop to their full potential. Focus would be on students self-initiative in their own learning and Formative assessments which enhance learning. Well qualified candidates have been shortlisted for appointment and we expect our faculty strength to be 28 thus maintaining the teacher student ratio to within 1:10.

Plans are in place to build a multipurpose hall with sporting facilities, separate laboratories for the three sciences, along with classes for the Secondary wing within the year 2015-2016 thus moving with confident and firm steps to establish a strong, vibrant school from K to 12. The school is also looking at Exchange programmes for its students and faculty with other International Schools (both in India and abroad). The objective feedback from parents are taken very seriously and action is taken accordingly. A concern related to student travel time was raised and I am glad to inform you that 2 new buses would be plying at the start of the new academic session. This is expected to reduce the travel time to within half hour. There is a great deal to look forward to and I expect our parents to be actively involved in our common vision of providing the best for our children. Together we can join in the chorus “Excelsior” – the shout of joy and jubilation as we go higher and higher!

I take this opportunity to thank the Senior Management for their continued support and mentoring, our parents for their support for the school and what it stands for, our Academic Advisor, MsSweyta Mishra for coordinating the school curriculum and looking after quality management, the Principal in-charge, MrArvindSikarwar, who along with his duties as the Coordinator looked after the day to day running of the school till January 2015, the school teaching and administrative staff for carrying out their duties with care and all our students for rising up to the occasion as the bars were continually raised.

In the end I would like to quote an extract from “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” written by Robert Frost (with slight changes) to express our way forward. This is on behalf of the entire ITM Global School Community:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep

 But we have promises to keep

 And miles to go before we sleep

 And miles to go before we sleep”


Thank you.

(Submitted by the Principal)

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