Horse Riding

5 Steps to learn Riding:

1.Always wear a helmet while riding. It should fit as comfortably as possible without being uncomfortable. Make sure it covers your forehead. Wearing a helmet may not seem “cool”, but look at all the professional riders. They wear helmets! Wearing helmets while horseback riding can prevent serious head injuries.

2.Listen to your instructor’s directions. Even if they seem unimportant or obvious, pay attention. If your instructor is spending time on something, it’s likely important. Good instructors won’t overload you with useless information, especially not before your first lesson! If your instructor says nothing, ask him for information about the area you will be riding in, what to do if your horse spooks, and any other questions you have on your mind. Ask for clarification if something your instructor is saying makes you confused. Try to pick up tips on grooming and tacking your horse. The instructor will likely have this done for you the first time. Pay special attention while observing more experienced riders groom their horses.

3.Pay attention to your horse. What are his reactions to your cues? What does he enjoy? What’s the best way to bond with him? Don’t over think because that can get in the way of your riding.

4.Learn how to mount your horse. While your instructor holds the horse for you, step onto the mounting block and place your left foot in the stirrup (always mount on the left side of the horse). Hold on to the horse’s mane, still keeping the reins in your hand. Gently swing your right leg over the horse’s back–take care not to hit his back with your leg as you go! Mounting a horse for the first time can be difficult; don’t be ashamed if you need help. If you get stuck, your instructor will be there to help you.

5.Ask questions. Make sure you ask any and all questions you have. You don’t want to be confused. Staying unconfused and focused will let your horse know he can trust you and rely on your directions.

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