Admission Open 2022 at Best CBSE School in Gwalior #BestSchool #CBSE #Cambridge #School #Gwalior

Admission Open at Best CBSE School in Gwalior

ITM Global School, Gwalior started its academic journey in the year 2014, but the roots of the ITM Group in the field of education goes deep down, and it covers the entire span from the pre-school to the doctoral level. It is a leading school in the Gwalior-Chambal region, known for its location, lush green campus, plastic-free zone, calm and serene ambience, spacious outlay, excellent amenities, and visually appealing landscape.

#BestSchool #CBSE #Cambridge #School #Gwalior

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The school has three beautiful buildings: the Le Montessory Block, the Jyotibha Phule Block and the Kabeer Block, each of them designed age-specifically and having manifestly distinct architectural style. The school retains its beauty due to the magnificent sculptures placed around the campus and the paintings hanging on the walls.

The location of the school has an enormous significance. It is situated at Jhansi Road, in Turari village of Gwalior away from the crowded city and in the midst of acres of cultivated land, sharing the common campus of ITM University. Apart from the concrete buildings, the campus has trees, plants and flowers that create a beautiful natural environment to study. The trees with their Botanical names help students to learn about the family and medicinal usage.


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Best CBSE School in Gwalior with international curriculum #Cambridge #CBSE #PreSchool

Best CBSE School in Gwalior with international curriculum #Cambridge #CBSE #PreSchool The school is ably supported by a Board of Advisers consisting of prominent people from diverse backgrounds – Professionals, Finance Planners, Researchers, Educationists, Public Administrators, Motivators, Social Scientists, Teachers of Eminence, Poets, Artists and Sportspersons. ITM Global School was thus founded with a vision to actualise learning at the school level and make the process of acquiring knowledge more innovative, encouraging and challenging. #BestSchool #International #CBSE #Admission2022

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ITM Global School, Gwalior learners are Curious & Imaginative #School #CBSE #Gwalior #Admission

itm global school gwalior

ITM Global School learners are Curious & Imaginative #School #CBSE #Gwalior #Admission Cambridge & CBSE Curriculum from Nursery to XII

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