Athlos 2020

ATHLOS-2020 at ITM Global School!

ITM Global School’s Annual Sports Meet ‘Athlos -2020’ was organized at the ITM Sports Ground. Holding the flag of their respective houses in a straight line, marching step by step , ATHLOS featured the students dressed in various animal dresses and masks. ‘Sky House’ was awarded the ‘Annual Sports Winner’ award and the ‘Best House in School’ award. Also, Water House was declared winner of the March Past Competition. In addition to this, various Track & Field and Athletic competitions such as Hurdle Race, Sprints, Relay Races, Primary School’s Jungle Race, Fruit Race etc. were also organized. Students from KG, Nursery, Pre-Primary to Senior Classes performed spectacularly. Parents, who came for the encouragement of their children, inspired everyone to perform better. Some Glimpses of the same can be found with this post.

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