Global Learning

audio visual Class at ITM GLobal School

The schools learning philosophy is based on global learning which is achieved through a globally acceptable curricula that relate to people’s place within the wider world, their relationships with others, their histories, their present and future. Global learning connects the local to the global and prepares people to become a global successful citizens.

The Curriculum and learning activities  revolves around key concepts of the global dimension i.e. knowledge, skills, values, culture, diversity, sustainable development & human rights.

We believe that the outcome of the global curriculum and activities will enable students to challenge stereotypes, think objectively and apply the knowledge in practical world.

The teaching learning delivery process is a fusion and integration of traditional and modern approaches. The curriculum and overall approach of delivery is prepared by a team of very experienced and well qualified academicians.

The education is child centric and learning offered is both interactive and experimental. The pedagogy is diverse mix of most recent innovations in education and is based on the latest findings in tutoring research.

The teacher acts as a facilitator and guide. We believe that learning outside the classroom is as important as inside the classroom. We have made it an integral element of long term curriculum planning and closely linked with classroom activities. The school organizes trips as a part of regular curriculum to enable students to enhance their learning with real life experiences. School makes every effort possible to ensure that the students explore the world around them to see the things they have learnt in the classroom come live.