ITM Global School provides not only a proper medical care through regular physical check-up, eye check-up and dental check-up by highly trained medical specialists who issue advisories to the parents for follow up actions and all such records are meticulously kept. It also ensures that every student gets an additional nutritious diet in the school so as to supplement the food a student brings from his/her home. The parents are provided a diet chart and it is monitored in the school that no parent will supply junk food/fast food to the students.

  A doctors’ room, dietician and the nursing station has been provided in the school along with the visiting pediatrician. The infirmary is used for tackling emergency situations like fainting, epilepsy, asthma attacks, hyper ventilation attacks, cuts and wounds, fractures. First aid workshops are held for the staff and students. Oxygen cylinders as well as nebulizers are available in School. There is an exclusive ambulance with a stretcher & wheel chair in times of need.