Information and Communication Technology

ITM Global School is committed to integrating technology into education.

In tune with tech-enabled education, we have Smart Board classrooms where classes are regularly held in an interactive visual mode. Curriculum based learning material is uploaded on the net. Parents and students can track events, photos, assignments class notes, worksheets, school notices on the net. SMS facilities are also available to parents. Parents can also similarly send their queries, suggestions to the teachers and the management via the net. The School server maintains a broad band connection throughout the year enabling the students to have (monitored) access to the internet.

The School has a wealth of software resources on subjects varying from Literature and Social Science to Maths and Art.

Students have access to classroom audio, video, graphics and 3D animation which makes learning a pleasure. But we, at ITM Global School make judicious use of technology, not letting it overtake classroom teaching . We have dedicated teachers who have a pulse on every student which cannot be substituted by technology.

We also take special care to see that vocabulary, hand-writing, book reading do not get swept away by the winds of hi-tech.

The students are regularly exposed to the hightech research labs of different streams of sciences at ITM University. Eminent faculy from the University and ITM GOI will be in regular touch with the staff for upgradation of their skills and exposure level.

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