Message from the Principal

Itm Global School Principal

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” – Sydney J. Harris

Dear All,

At the very onset of my cherished association with this institution, it gives me great pleasure in extending my warm greetings to all the valued stakeholders of the School.

I believe that true education allows one to look beyond, think out of the box, pan one’s vision, and provide oneself with an open and broader perspective. Therefore, today’s school education should embrace preparing the students in body, mind and spirit to handle life-situations that stretches from the domain of the known to the realm of the unknown. It involves infusing children with knowledge, skills and mindset that will be as relevant today, as in the distant future.

The very learning environment of ITM Global School, Gwalior is such that it augments the capacity of the children to weave their own dreams and stimulate themselves towards transmuting those precious dreams into tangible realities. We as mentors know that it is incumbent upon us to help them keep alive their dreams – to guide them towards learning actively, to ensure that the learning is intrinsic, and to warrant that whatever is learnt stays with them a lifetime.

The ethos of this School is garnered towards not only exposing them to the globalized world, but also inseminating in them a fond bonding with their Indian culture. Here, the young minds are consistently illuminated with ideas, facts and issues in such a way that they grow up to be perceptive, compassionate and inquisitive human beings.

We want our students to understand that it is only through education that we can transform society – an equitable society, where every member is provided with ample opportunities for growth. The very ambience of our School is thus intellectually challenging, motivating, safe, and compassionate of its young impressionistic scholars, amply supportive of playing the role in bringing about such a transformation of balance, sustainability and progress.

At ITM Global, our constant endeavour is to balance the emotional, physical and intellectual quotients of our students. Its primary focus is to provide the children with a curriculum that takes into account their holistic development. The children here are encouraged to learn through activities that range from the academic to the physical and the emotive.

The very atmosphere of this school is quite eclectic – it is endowed with world-class infrastructure and pristine green surroundings. This definitely helps in leveraging the growth potential of every child who comes for passing out through its haloed portals.

Therefore, while I start my journey with the School, I ardently look forward to stewarding it towards scaling new heights, and over-and-above, towards becoming an institution where everyone participates joyfully and one which nurtures and incubates the future dreams of its dear learners.

Dr Sujash Bhattacharya
ITM Global School, Gwalior

About Us

ITM Global School was founded in a beautiful lush green picturesque environment of National Highway 75, Turari, Jhansi Road, Gwalior in the year 2014. It is the first school in Gwalior which offers both National and International Curricula. It is administered by SLS Trust, Gwalior and therefore it is a sister concern of ITM Group.

Contact Us

NH-44, Turari, Gwalior
Voice: +91-7773005091

For Admissions:
Voice: +91-7773005036, +91-9770900270, +91-7773004634


ITM Global School Gwalior has no connection with any other School with the similar name anywhere else in India.

ITM Global School Gwalior is an unitary campus institution and do not offer any affiliation. The Global School is fully compliant with the Act and the Statutes and is functioning under the framework of all regulatory bodies.

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