visit to Blind orphanage School

ITM Global School organised a visit to Blind orphanage School ,for preschoolers (play group, nursery, kg, lkg and ukg).

Students of ITM Global visited Aatma Jyoti Awasiya Blind Girls School in Gwalior. Kids learned that there was a special education system for the blind students. They observed them reading and writing Braille letters immaculately. Touching the dots with their fingertips on white paper, they could read the text fluently. Also the students of the school were very disciplined. They were trying to learn more and more without thinking about their visual disorder. ITM students spent time with them and enjoyed a lot. The orphanage students also sang a song for our students and our children recited rhymes in front of them in reciprocation. Some gifts and fresh edibles were also shared with them.

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