ITM Global School: The Premier Co-Educational School in Gwalior

ITM Global School: The Premier Co-Educational School in Gwalior

Choosing the right school for your child is a critical decision that shapes their future. For parents in Gwalior, ITM Global School stands out as the premier co-educational institution, offering a balanced and comprehensive educational experience that fosters both academic and personal growth.

1. Holistic Education Approach

ITM Global School is committed to providing a well-rounded education. The school’s curriculum is designed not just to excel in academics but also to promote extracurricular activities, ensuring that students develop various skills and interests.

2. Academic Excellence

Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), ITM Global School adheres to a curriculum known for its academic rigor and comprehensive coverage of subjects. The school boasts impressive board results and a track record of preparing students for national and international competitive exams.

3. Qualified and Experienced Faculty

The backbone of ITM Global School is its team of highly qualified and experienced teachers. These educators are dedicated to nurturing and guiding students, ensuring personalized attention to cater to individual learning needs.

4. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

ITM Global School offers a modern campus with state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped science and computer labs, a well-stocked library, smart classrooms, and extensive sports amenities. This infrastructure supports an effective and engaging learning environment.

5. Focus on Values and Ethics

The school emphasizes the importance of moral values and ethics. Through various programs and activities, students learn the importance of integrity, empathy, and social responsibility, preparing them to be conscientious global citizens.

6. Co-Educational Environment

Being a co-educational institution, ITM Global School promotes a healthy, inclusive, and diverse learning environment. This setup helps students develop better social skills, mutual respect, and understanding, preparing them for real-world scenarios where they interact with diverse groups.


ITM Global School in Gwalior is more than just an educational institution; it’s a place where students grow, learn, and thrive. With its commitment to academic excellence, holistic development, and ethical values, ITM Global School stands as the premier co-educational school in Gwalior. If you’re looking for a school that prepares your child for a successful and balanced future, ITM Global School is the perfect choice.

For more info. call : +91 7773005091

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Discover Excellence: ITM Gwalior, Your Premier CBSE School

Discover Excellence: ITM Gwalior, Your Premier CBSE School

In the bustling city of Gwalior lies a sanctuary of learning and growth – ITM Gwalior. As a premier CBSE school, we take pride in our commitment to nurturing young minds and preparing them for a future full of promise and opportunity.

At ITM Gwalior, we understand that each child is unique, with their own set of talents, interests, and aspirations. That’s why we offer a diverse and inclusive learning environment that caters to the individual needs of every student. Our experienced faculty members are not just educators but mentors, guiding students on their journey of self-discovery and academic excellence.

Academic Excellence: With a rigorous CBSE curriculum at its core, ITM Gwalior ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges of the modern world. Our focus goes beyond rote learning, emphasizing critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application of knowledge. Through innovative teaching methodologies and interactive learning experiences, we strive to ignite a passion for lifelong learning in our students.

Holistic Development: Education at ITM Gwalior extends beyond the confines of the classroom. We believe in nurturing the holistic development of our students, which is why we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, music, and drama. These activities not only provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and talents but also teach valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and resilience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our modern campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to enhance the learning experience. From well-equipped classrooms to advanced laboratories and libraries, we provide students with the tools and resources they need to excel academically. Additionally, our sports facilities allow students to participate in various physical activities and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Community and Values: At ITM Gwalior, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment where every voice is heard and respected. Through various community service initiatives and social awareness programs, we instill in our students the values of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility.

Join Us: If you’re looking for a CBSE school in Gwalior that prioritizes academic excellence, holistic development, and values-based education, look no further than ITM Gwalior. Join us on a journey of discovery, growth, and transformation, where every child’s potential finds wings to soar. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for the leaders of tomorrow.

For more info. call : +91 7773005091

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Unlocking a Bright Future: Discovering the Best Preschool in Gwalior with ITM GLOBAL

Unlocking a Bright Future: Discovering the Best Preschool in Gwalior with ITM GLOBAL


In the dynamic city of Gwalior, where traditions meet modernity, parents are constantly seeking the best educational foundations for their little ones. Choosing the right preschool is a crucial decision that lays the groundwork for a child’s future academic success and personal development. Amidst the options available, one institution stands out – ITM GLOBAL Gwalior. Let’s delve into what makes ITM GLOBAL the best preschool in Gwalior and why it is the ideal choice for nurturing young minds.

  1. Holistic Approach to Education: ITM GLOBAL Gwalior adopts a holistic approach to education, recognizing that early childhood is a critical period for cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. The preschool’s curriculum is designed to foster a well-rounded growth by integrating academics with play, arts, and physical activities. This ensures that children not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills from an early age.
  2. Experienced and Qualified Faculty: A preschool is only as good as its educators, and ITM GLOBAL Gwalior takes pride in its team of experienced and qualified faculty. The teachers at ITM GLOBAL are not just educators; they are mentors who understand the unique needs of young learners. Their passion for teaching and commitment to nurturing each child’s individual strengths make them an integral part of the preschool’s success.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: ITM GLOBAL Gwalior provides a stimulating and safe environment for children to explore, learn, and grow. The preschool boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, a vibrant play area, and modern learning resources. The infrastructure is designed to inspire creativity, curiosity, and a love for learning, creating an optimal setting for a child’s early education.
  4. Emphasis on Technology Integration: In today’s digital age, it is essential for educational institutions to integrate technology into their curriculum. ITM GLOBAL Gwalior recognizes this and incorporates age-appropriate technology to enhance the learning experience. This prepares children for the digital world they will inevitably encounter in their future education and careers.
  5. Focus on Character Building and Values: Beyond academics, ITM GLOBAL Gwalior places a strong emphasis on character building and instilling core values in its students. The preschool believes in nurturing responsible and compassionate individuals who contribute positively to society. Through various activities and lessons, children learn the importance of kindness, empathy, and respect.
  6. Parent Involvement and Communication: ITM GLOBAL Gwalior believes in the partnership between parents and educators. The preschool encourages active involvement from parents and maintains open communication channels. Regular updates, parent-teacher meetings, and collaborative events create a supportive network that fosters the overall development of the child.


Choosing the best preschool for your child is a monumental decision, and ITM GLOBAL Gwalior emerges as the clear frontrunner in providing a well-rounded and nurturing early education. With its holistic approach, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, technology integration, focus on character building, and strong parent involvement, ITM GLOBAL sets the stage for a bright and successful future for the young learners of Gwalior. Enroll your child today and witness the transformational journey towards academic excellence and personal growth.

For more info. call : +91 7773005091

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Shining Achievers Sports – ITM Global School | Best School in Gwalior

Shining Achievers Sports – ITM Global School | Best School in Gwalior | #cbseschool #bestschool
#BestSchoolGwalior #MPSchool #IndiaSchool #CBSE

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Girls are the Future: Let Them Grow and Flourish

Girls are the Future: Let Them Grow and Flourish

ITM Global School provides a wonderful place for the girls to grow, develop and flourish
into the confident women of tomorrow.
ITM Global School is situated beside a 4-lane motorway, the NH44, and being in the outskirts of
Gwalior, nestled between the pristine hills of the Vindhyachal Range, it is unpolluted, verdant
green, and sits within a 150 acre campus, the largest for any school in the region.

itm global school gwalior

ITM Global School emphasizes one great thing over all else – INDEPENDENCE. Girls of the
present era need to be more independent and self-sufficient. It is a well-known decision for
guardians who look for confirmation regarding their girls security, education, and professional
foundation. ITMGS focuses on the general improvement of the girl student and raises the bar for
women education in the country.

itm global school

The lush landscapes and quality education make it one of the best boarding schools in India for


It is fully affiliated till Grade XII for two parallel curricula – the Cambridge (CAIE) curriculum
and the CBSE curriculum. Students can choose any one of the two curricula. The holistic
approach involves lots of activities and skill-oriented programs that are designed to help the
children with their academics, activities, sports, arts, music, and much more. The infrastructure
is breathtaking, with various separate well-sorted spaces and areas for activities, dining,
recreation, privacy, and studies.

Aims of ITM Global School :

ITM Global School in Gwalior imparts quality holistic education, which is unbiased and value-
based for the all-round development of every child. It also inculcates a sense of equality, high
social and cultural ethos, self-belief, and a refined competitive spirit in them. ITM Global School
takes pride in ensuring safety, security, education, and boarding for the girl child and the
institute ensures that each girl ponders about the importance of physical, emotional, and
psychological well-being.
Aesthetically designed modern hostels provide the perfect atmosphere for the all-around
development of the girl students in boarding. Our well-trained staff warrants that students
integrate fully and receive an educational experience that is enjoyable and is valued afterwards.
Each girl is a welcome member of the ITM Global School family. The girls feel so much at home
that no one ever needs to be worried about being overlooked or misunderstood or left out.
ITM Global School Gwalior is amongst the best schools in India for young minds with splendid
co-curricular projects for educational enhancement and magnificent grounds as part of the
world-class sports framework. This inclusiveness is at the heart of the school’s strength. After
all, good teaching depends and thrives upon the quality of the relationship between the teacher
and the taught. The better they understand each other, the more fruitful and lasting the

One can wonder, why should any parent think of sending their daughters to a boarding school?
The answer would be that an educated lady carries more to the table, and her training is
significant in spreading awareness in and around her family and her workplace. Given the
present-day challenges that a young lady has to face in building a sustainable life for herself,
she ought to be very well-equipped to meet all the atrocities by herself.
The curriculum of ITM Global School is dynamic and approachable – it progresses, counters,
and improves in unison with the demands of the students’ social-educational needs and
integrates modern methodology of learning and teaching while upholding the highest standards
and values of the school.
Boarding schools provide an opportunity for students to learn a number of life skills while
enjoying access to quality education. ITM Global School’s Girls Boarding facility is of paramount
importance for the betterment of the girl child. In today world, it is very important for girls to be
independent and set their own priorities in life. Girls Boarding at ITMGS provides the kind of
nurturing and encouragement a girl needs in order to become all that she can and wants to be.


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The Cambridge International curriculum brings a new pedagogy to Indian Diaspora. This pedagogy is refined in such a way that it complements and nurtures the most important parts of child Development Phase. Focusing on every aspect of life, it provides the right amount of international exposure to its students. That’s Why ITM is the Best Cambridge School in MP INDIA.

Being directed by the University of Cambridge itself, the pedagogy also enables its users to create and re-design the curriculum methodology according to their own needs. This promises numerous possibilities and extra-ordinary flexibility without compromising on quality of education. Millions around the world currently benefit from this evolving culture while contributing immensely to their all-round development.

Due to its increasing popularity day by day, ITM Global brought this beautiful framework to Gwalior, being the first harbingers of true international education in the city.


What Cambridge promises?

Apart from a host of recognition’s, the Cambridge International curriculum promises the below mentioned reasons to support its claim :-

  • The Cambridge Pathway gives students a clear path for educational success from age 5 to 19.
  • Schools can shape the curriculum around how they want students to learn – with a wide range of subjects and flexible ways to offer them.
  • Helps the students to discover new abilities and a wider world, and the skills they need for life, so they can achieve at school, university and work.
  • 98% of the surveyed admission officers said that Cambridge provides students excellent preparation for Universities.
  • Each stage builds on the learners development from the previous one or from other educational systems.
  • An unrivalled choice of subjects with over 70 at IGCSE level and over 50 at A-level. Schools can let students choose subjects in any combination.
  • The qualifications are widely recognized by worlds best universities and employers.
  • First-class support for teachers through publications, online resources, training and professional development.
  • Every year nearly a million Cambridge learners from 10,000 schools in over 160 countries prepare for their future with an international education from Cambridge.
  • A 150 year history in conducting International Exams. A not-for-profit organization and the only exam board wholly owned by a world leading University.

Best Cambridge School In India MP


Best Cambridge School In India MP  prepares students for life by simulating an intense learning and growth environment. This pathway serves as an ever changing reality to augment and catalase major aspects of one’s life.

From age 5 to 18/19, this pathway makes clear all the key areas which will play an important role in the future. ITM Global compliments the learning environment by facilitating a sound and beautiful campus with world-class infrastructure.

ITM Global School was founded in the year 2014 in the midst of a picturesque and beautiful lush green stretch beside the NH 44 in Turari, Gwalior. It has the pristine backdrop of the verdant green hillocks of the Vindhyachal Range.

It is the product of one of the most cherished dreams of the SLS Trust and with its evolution, the link from PG to PG (Play Group to Post Graduation) has been established within the ITM fraternity.

The school is ably supported by a Board of Advisors, consisting of prominent people from diverse backgrounds – educationists, researchers, professionals, finance planners, public administrators, motivators, pedagogical experts, teacher of eminence, poets, artists and sportspersons.

ITM Global School was thus founded with a vision towards actualizing learning at the school-level and making the process of acquiring knowledge more innovative, encouraging and challenging.

For ensuring the comfort zone of the students, all the buildings are air-conditioned and so are the school buses. The buildings are designed to utilize the various spaces as learning areas.

Flooring patterns, walls and furniture are thoughtfully conceived in such a manner so as to make children playful, happy, always creative and attentive towards the learning processes. Our colorful ecology boards provide an early platform for the children to discover themselves.

The teachers are groomed to be sensible and responsible towards knowing the students in the widest sense and towards establishing a classroom atmosphere which encourages growth, self-discipline and acceptance of personal accountability.

Vision of ITM Global school : To provide an enriching environment where students develop :
  • Love for learning – which would continue throughout their lives.
  • Adaptability – to adjust well in any surroundings.
  • Spirit of enquiry and scientific temperament – to enable them to think and act in an unbiased and fair manner.
  • A deep understanding of Indian Ethos within the Global Perspective – to acquire values of respect, compassion, human plurality, sensitivity and tolerance.
  • A zeal for excellence – to enable them to be confident and become knowledgeable global citizens of tomorrow.
Mission of ITM Global school :
  • To enrich, excite and engage each student in meaningful and diverse value based educational pursuits within a safe, vibrant and encouraging environment wherein they imbibe key life skills -independence, sensitivity, awareness, compassion, competence and self-discipline so that they make a positive impact in transforming the world of tomorrow.
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Best CBSC School In Gwalior MP ITM Global School

Best CBSC School In Gwalior MP ITM Global School :

ITM Global School is based on the belief that, to ensure the “total” development of each student, the most effective system is one which focuses on Pastoral Care. Since all aspects of a student’s development – physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual – are inter-related and inter-dependent, it is not feasible for teachers to confine their interest in students to the purely academic if personal growth is to be maximized. That’s why ITMGS is the Best CBSC School In Gwalior MP.

Each member of staff is expected to understand the responsibility he or she has to provide this level of care and support for the students, provide the widest possible education for the students, and inculcate in them the values and high standards espoused by the school.

Best CBSC School IN Gwalior

Pastoral Care at the school is regarded as part of every teacher’s and teacher-aide’s daily interaction with students. This involves setting up a warm and accepting environment in which children feel safe and happy.

It involves modeling appropriate behavior and attitudes, and encouraging increasingly mature and responsible personal and social growth in students. Cognitive development takes place within this framework.


ITM Global School is structured as a K-12 College within which a Senior School (Years 10-12), a Middle School (Years 7-9) and a Junior School (Prep-Year 6) function. This structure facilitates its objective of providing a high level of Pastoral Care for its students. The individual care and support which students need for their growth and development is best provided through this structure.

Best CBSC School IN Gwalior

To keep students in comfortable environment, the entire building is air-conditioned and so are the School buses. Building is designed to provide each space as learning area. Flooring patterns, walls and furniture is specially conceived in such a manner so as to make children playful, happy, always creative and attentive to learning processes.

Education in Best CBSC School In Gwalior :

Starting with vocabulary, understanding of sounds, shapes and colors, acquaintance with the alphabet and numbers, thinking in sequence, the teachers guide the young ones to explore and experiment making sure the child does not feel overburdened. The toddlers learn to draw and paint, model with clay, sing, dance, go on excursions and learn about their environment. Child size mini musical instruments are provided to arouse curiosity and interest.

Every year each one of the students in the nursery class will be given an opportunity of becoming “a star”. We understand this scheme helps the child to feel special and unique and made the transition from pre school smoother and more enjoyable. The child feels we honor his/her individually and that creates better bonding with classmates.

Counseling in Best CBSC School In Gwalior :

Student empowerment Sessions touch upon issues and problems of students and provide them with handy tips and techniques to face challenges and cope up with pressure at all levels. ITM Global School has an exclusive Counseling Cell for its students who face different learning disabilities, behavioral problem, emotional problems and also some physical problems.

The objectives of this cell are to ensure that every child is treated as a separate entity and all his/her specific needs are addressed to strengthen the self confidence and bridge the gap between a learner and learning. This is done through a counselor-cum- special educator on Early Childhood Education who uses a structured plan for all children with some learning difficulties.

She has made a separate space in the school to deal with these children on one to one basis using all her expertise and the equipment’s which supports her mechanism to resolve every issue of these very young children.

Global Learning  :

The schools learning philosophy is based on global learning which is achieved through a globally acceptable curricula that relate to people’s place within the wider world, their relationships with others, their histories, their present and future. Global learning connects the local to the global and prepares people to become a global successful citizens.

The teacher acts as a facilitator and guide. We believe that learning outside the classroom is as important as inside the classroom. We have made it an integral element of long term curriculum planning and closely linked with classroom activities.

The school organizes trips as a part of regular curriculum to enable students to enhance their learning with real life experiences. School makes every effort possible to ensure that the students explore the world around them to see the things they have learnt in the classroom come live.

Information and Communication Technology :

Best CBSC School IN Gwalior

In tune with tech-enabled education, we have Smart Board classrooms where classes are regularly held in an interactive visual mode. Curriculum based learning material is uploaded on the net. Parents and students can track events, photos, assignments class notes, worksheets, school notices on the net. SMS facilities are also available to parents. Parents can also similarly send their queries, suggestions to the teachers and the management via the net.

The School server maintains a broad band connection throughout the year enabling the students to have (monitored) access to the internet.

The School has a wealth of software resources on subjects varying from Literature and Social Science to Math’s and Art.

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Ideal InfraStructure In A School: ITM Global School, Gwalior

Ideal InfraStructure In A School: ITM Global School, Gwalior

ITM Global School Gwalior

ITM Global School, Gwalior started its academic journey in the year 2014, but the roots of the ITM Group in the field of education goes deep down, and it covers the entire span from the pre-school to the doctoral level.
It is a leading school in the Gwalior-Chambal region, known for its location, lush green campus, plastic-free zone, calm and serene ambience, spacious outlay, excellent amenities, and visually appealing landscape.

The school has three beautiful buildings: the Le Montessory Block, the Jyotibha Phule Block and the Kabeer Block, each of them designed age-specifically and having manifestly distinct architectural style. The school retains its beauty due to the magnificent sculptures placed around the campus and the paintings hanging on the walls.

The location of the school has an enormous significance. It is situated at Jhansi Road, in Turari village away from the crowded city and in the midst of acres of cultivated land, sharing the common campus of ITM University. Apart from the concrete buildings, the campus has trees, plants and flowers that create a beautiful natural environment to study. The trees with their Botanical names help students to learn about the family and medicinal usage.

Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and equipment- education infrastructure – are crucial elements of learning environments in schools and universities. There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction, improves student outcomes, and reduces dropout rates, among other benefits. One can’t deny how significant a school is in shaping up a student’s personality and holistic learning process. Infrastructure plays a vital role in creating a favourable environment for students’ holistic development.

Other than spacious and ventilated classrooms, the school has well equipped and suitably-designed laboratories for various subjects be it physics, chemistry, biology or home science for nurturing the scientific temperament in students. During pandemic, the school provided the facility of virtual lab and digital library for providing the students world class facility. The school has two separate libraries for primary students and high school students housing a wealth of useful books or informative and interesting video facilities, coupled with a motivating or mood-lifting ambiance not only attracts students but also develops a liking to study. It encourages exploring interesting things among students, especially in their formative years when the curiosity to know is intense among curious minds of children. Such places also serve as holding interactive sessions and exchanging knowledge among students, thereby enhancing students’ writing and reading skills. The school shares a common auditorium LDV (Leonardo da vinci block) equipped with the latest multimedia technology serve as an ideal platform to showcase not only students’ various performances but also be a good utility for conducting various educational programmes. An open Ampitheatre is also there in Kabeer Block, where morning assembly and other cultural programmes are conducted.

It is worth mentioning that school has produced many laureates at national and international level. Every child today views some or the other sports personality as his/ her ideal. Be it martial arts, floor ball, cricket or skating, students wish to learn something at school itself. Thus, availability of sports facilities, basketball courts, tennis courts, cricket pitch and skating rink of international standards and a separate building for indoor games are the sports facilities provided at ITM Global School, Gwalior.

Unlike traditional chalk and board methods, digital classrooms as medium of providing education are proving quite effective and visually attractive. While attracting audio-visual senses of students, digital classrooms have a better appeal among students.

Use of digital technology in education is steadily transforming whole concept of education delivery, making the very concept of ‘Show me and I understand’ a Reality.

With the use of interactive whiteboards, projectors, audio-visual room, Teach–Next and Wordsworth Lab for teaching pronunciation are some of the advanced methods based on computer technology are used in the school to make the teaching and learning are more interesting.

Digital libraries and e-books have facilitated access to a wealth of knowledge available online that can now be accessed with the help of a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, anywhere, anytime, with an Internet connection.

LMS (Learning Module System) is such an online platform which is available 24 hours a day, keeps parents up-to-date with their children’s activities and progress, and also in touch with the teachers concerned. Introduction of such software facilitates the teacher-student communication, because it makes it easy for the teachers to see on their computers what the students are doing on their devices, or share their screen with them and vice versa. To update the parents of what is being taught in the school an E-diary (almanac) is also shared with the students which will remind them of their assignments.

Certainly it’s an established fact that that a school with good infrastructure goes a long way in improving the interest of both – students and teachers alike in learning. It plays a role in improving the attendance of students too. For this same reason, it can be said that investments in school infrastructure play an enabling role in solving many access-related problems of students to the school system, thereby giving boost to their academic performance too.

All these facilities make ITM Global School unique in many ways. It has world class infrastructure which helps it to run an International curriculum.

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